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Spending some time in Barcelona

I've been in Spain since August 3, almost one month has passed by and it feels like time has been passing so fast here. I need to tell you the story of why I'm here and how I reached this decision.

For the record, I'm just here as a tourist, I don't have a special visa or anything, but my Chilean passport gives me the opportunity to visit the Schengen area for up to 90 days, without leaving.

Aerial view of Sagrada Familia and its neighbourhood by <a href='https://unsplash.com/photos/kMde0v9tYYM'>Carles Rabada on Unsplash</a>
Aerial view of Sagrada Familia and its neighbourhood by Carles Rabada on Unsplash

So, I wrote in the previous post that I'm unemployed right now and that continues to be the case, I left Evernote after just 5 months for a couple of reasons, but the main one was my mental state; I was in a very delicate state, for a whole week, maybe a bit more, I could not work at all, I didn't have any strength to do anything, so I would just lie around my house, like a zombie. After this I chose to take a medical leave, the psychiatrist gave me 30 days of rest. After I came back, just one week after, I resigned.

I'll leave the details for another post, I need to let this out before joining a different company, if I do that. But what I can say now is that, during my medical leave, at some point I bought a plane ticket to Lisbon, Portugal, it was a cheap one way flight ticket. This happened on June 2 and at the time, I was banned from visiting Portugal coming from Chile, because of COVID, of course, so I got the idea that, maybe at the departure time, the Portugal borders would be open for me. It didn't happen.

The date was getting closer and no new updates about it, so I kind of gave up with the idea of traveling, but I started to look at Spain, because my ticket had a connection in Madrid, and just after ~2 weeks before the departure, Spain opened its borders for fully vaccinated people. I've been vaccinated, with my 2 doses, since April. This was my chance.

Since it was a connection, I would not be able to bring a big luggage, just a hand suitcase and a backpack with me in the cabin, because if I checked in any luggage in the plane, it would arrive in Lisbon, but I was not able to go there. So I did and on August 2 I took a plane from Chile and arrived in Madrid the day after.

Now I'm spending some wonderful time in Barcelona with my girlfriend in a rented Airbnb, close to the beach. I even went out to run with her yesterday. Me running? Yep, it happened and I hope it keeps happening.