It broke again

Last year I went to India in the best trip I've had until now, I think I talked about it before, not sure anymore. The thing is that during that trip we went to a place called Ellora Caves, the most beatiful place I've been to. I loved it so much that I was taking pictures of everything. The people that was with me had to tell me to hurry up, because I was stalling everyone and we had a lot to walk still.

In that place, being pressured by locals to buy things from them, I went to help a friend who was being harrased by someone tryng to make her buy something. So, me, the hero, ended up buying a necklace from that man. At first I didn't want to buy anything, just help my friend get away from the salesman, clearly it didn't work.

But I was super happy buying that necklace and been wearing it since that day to today, not as a necklace, but as a bracelet. I love it and I actually feel bad when I forget to put it on. It's silly, but I'm really fond of it and I want to keep wearing it, but it broke today, again.

It's the second time that this happened, I think the first one was close to this date last year. I know because it was before I went to Europe in October, so it must have been close to September, maybe August.

I fixed it last year using a fishing thread, because I thought it wouldn't break again with that, since when I bought it it just had a cotton thread. Now I have to look for a way to fix it again, probably going to use fishing thread again, since it worked really well.

I love it, and it deserves to be fixed again, even if it takes me a long time, since I have to move those stones it has one by one to a new thread. Yep, it takes times, but it's worth it for me.