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About microservices

I already told you that I'm back at the univerity to finish my bachelor's degree. To me this was supposed to be a boring thing, something that I'm doing because I need to be able to do a masters and/or PhD in the future, not because I really want. If you remember, I quit university 2 years ago.

But I found something interesting, there's a new professor here, a new face to me, and to my surprise, he was giving a lecture about microservices. I didn't think twice before joining it. My interest comes because I work with microservices on a daily basis at TW, so I wanted to know how is it to study it in a more "academic" way.

And something happened when I told him that I work at TW. It began by an email I sent him about what we do about microservices, just a short text with a few links and then he answer's me: "ThoughtWorks! Oh my...". That was interesting to me, here in Chile we're quite new, so a just a few people knows us, at least from the people that I know. That made quite happy actually!

So now I hope we get along well, I really want that, so we can learn a lot from each other.